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Oh dayumm an Auxy user! That was my first DAW, and its cool recognizing all the sounds.

I'm giving this a solid 4.5, as it starts a bit basic for my taste, and the reverb is a tad high everywhere. However, the build up is nice, but the clap could do with a nice pitch increase.

But the highlight of this that makes it shine, is that climax. It's just so beautifully formed, the bass sounds so sicccc in that part too. Only things I'd change about that is make the melody at that part slightly louder in the second part - maybe use the sound titled "Doodle" in Auxy and mess with the options a bit. Oh, and although mixing is non existant in Auxy, the kick during the drop wouldve been a tad nicer being a bit more deep.

That being said, this is an excellent remix of a popular song. Good work!

FelixZophar responds:

I use an older update of auxy because the newer update is not compatible with my iPad. I don't get sound packs and 9 effects. So, I'm very limited!

Sounds in key, except all the notes are just extremely random. Next time put some real effort into timing and stuff or don't even bother. The drums in the beginning sound cool but don't really fit into the rest of the song. If had some proper timing then it could sound much better.

IcyFire2222 responds:

Thanks for the tip!! Lol. It’s just hard to make music on the computer. It’s easier on the real piano.

Nice work! I look forward to seeing more of your music!

Although I do have a suggestion for the future - make a song/multiple songs with either a faster tempo or less of the slow drum beats, not that ruins the song at all, just personal preference.

I freaking love your style of music - no matter the genre it's fucking amazing.

Dayumm I love the sort of grimey bass you got in this one. Breakdown in the middle is chillded out and has a nice bridge with the following part. The pads you hear in the background hold the whole thing together.

One thing though: I know this is drum and bass, and your style can be quite chilled out and continuous, but I'd really love to see part of the second drop with something that makes it stand out more as a drop. This aside, pretty much flawless.

Really great song, keep it up!

Lubloom responds:

The basses were my favourite things to play with, especially the ones in the first drop. I made them for some unreleased stuff a while ago and I really wanted to actually put them to use for something :)

Not a bad shout, I think the second drop has weaker and less energetic bass than the first drop which kinda makes it feel less like an actual drop.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words!

Wow. This is amazing. The slow pace actually works so well, and this collab has beautiful remnats of both of your music. The guitar fits so perfectly. The mysterious chilled out pads that follow make an insane breakdown. The second drop is the highlight of the song. Finally, I love the rain & thunder sound effects in the intro and ending, really polishes the whole thing off.

10/10 Keep it up, both of you.

Oho love the detuned house leads and acid bass. The build ups are also great and oooooooooooo the drop sounds amazing with that weird lead/bass thing. Amazing.

Your music really should get more attention on Newgrounds (although it probs will after that collab with F777. Keep making amazing stuff like this.

Really nice and chilled out. It's a brilliant twist. Different, but just as good.

I love the current doctor who themes, but this is even better. I've listened to this for a long time, but haven't ever dropped a review. There isn't a single thing I don't like about this. 5/5. Absolutely fantastic! ;)

This is HELLA noice.

Rookie music producer who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.
Aspires to make: dubstep, dnb, glitch hop, complextro and electro house, among other things
Actually makes: dnb/drumstep (just about).
Releases here are wip/not final.

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