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Damn this is much better than mine! The tempo and some of the leads remind me of colbreakz haha... the more I listen to this the more it sounds like colbreakz lol. Anyway, this is really damn nice! Did we find out who won the contest? This is one should be right up there! The one thing I would love to see is the fast growls in the drop to be a tad louder :/ like the ones from 1:12 to 1:14. But that's really minor. Impressive!

TrickshotMusic responds:

Thanks for the reveiw, we did find out who won. We unfortunately didnt get a placement. Also the growls i did want to stick out a bit more but me amd froej didnt want them to stick out so much. So i just increased the low and mid frequencies

Nice one dude! The only thing I will say is that a lot of the sounds do sound basic - I can tell that you made them yourself, as I have done the same. I have also planned on doing a mashup of songs - I actually did a Can't Let Go, Cycle and Sonic Blaster, but on reflection it sounds really bad. Anyway, perhaps you'd be up for a collab of a mashup of a couple of songs?


Loving this one! Although probably everyone has heard those Sytrus 303 arps lol.

The melodies are really nice, love your hard dance tracks - however, and I'm going to be brutally honest here, I really disliked the vocals. They just seemed so... stupid because they aren't meant to resemble anything... sorry.

However! That being said, I would personally love it more if you used chopped up vocals instead, look at some of MDK & Dex Arson's tracks. Back on to the positives, I loved the dance leads, especially with that classic DJVI build up. Same with the chilled out piano.

To sum up, the things I think you could improve on/tweak is:
A) The vocals
B) The ending - there wasn't one, it sort of abruptly stopped
C) The length of the song - this ties in with the lack of ending above

That being said, overall it's a nice song, just not to my taste. I am also worrying that all your songs will end up like this - I have noticed a vast increase in songs that have the same leads, the same build ups, and the same piano breaks, although they're nice.

Psst, we need more stuff like reapers, elemelons and midnight sun! I love those more sad sounding songs.

DJVI responds:

Thanks for your comments! However I have to totally disagree with you about the vocals.
The vocals are like lead synths and like synths they doesn't have to mean anything.

Think about it this way. If you hear a track with some foreign language its totally okey even though you don't understand them. But if you hear vocals and you know they dont mean anything its suddenly wrong and dumb? The vocals are there to kinda replace the usual leads and make it more unique.

Damn dude - I've been missing your stuff like this! The only thing I would say is that the choir is perhaps a tad too loud, I kind of want to focus on the synths a bit more than I can. Almost flawless!

Damn dude, lovin that weird vocal bass, also the really nice gentle arps around 2:38. Keep it up man!

SnapskiMusic responds:

Thank you, man. :D A friend said the arps reminded him of of the Chrono games, and I reckon I agree.

Don't forget to check out the album in the Bandcamp link, 'cause there's plenty more where that came from!

Nice one dude! So much better than mine...

World class dubstep.

Love the arcade leads alongside the smooth chords, as well as the tiny plucks. Nice one!

EctiBot responds:

Thx :D. Tried to improve my sound design a bit in this, so glad it payed off!

Rookie music producer who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.
Aspires to make: dubstep, dnb, glitch hop, complextro and electro house, among other things
Actually makes: dnb/drumstep (just about).
Releases here are wip/not final.

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