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I have a new favourite song.

Really amazing! The only thing that takes away that 1/2 star is the gritty grainy chordy pads in the main parts. Everything else is top quality!

This song is weird and quirky, but that's why its so good. The best of both worlds - unique and fucking amazing. What a classic :D

Old but gold.

Also, y'might want to space that bracket on the end of the link ;)

love it

Lots of this isn't really my kind of thing. Like... I like hard dance music, just not a full minute of it. Maybe add an arp in the background to keep people interested. However, in the second half, it really catches my attention. There are some REALLY nice instruments and melodies used. Keep it up! I'll gladly stick around for more of your songs :)

This was a pretty good attempt! However, the mixing really throws me off, so maybe focus on that. Just keep the general volume down because otherwise the quality ends up sounding really bad on export. Keep it up:)

Sterben66 responds:

Thank ypu very much! I will keep that in mind.

Ehh, it sounds pretty decent, but the equalizing kinda throws me off. Especially at the end. Looking at the song volume thing above should show you what I am talking about.

I can't fault this at all, nothing wrong with it as such, it's just a bit boring and repetitive after a while. Maybe add a supersaw or something part way through following the normal melody to make it more interesting or something? I can't really complain, but I think it can be improved by adding more variation of instruments... like... its good, granted, but it doesn't really "wow" me or stand out. Keep doing what you're doing :)

PancakePocket responds:

Thanks! I wanted to keep it simple so I understand what you are saying! Thanks! :D

Really great, except I kinda dislike the bassy leads used in all of the song.

Twinky62 responds:

Thx, also this song is old so that is why it may sound kinda rare xd

Rookie music producer who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.
Aspires to make: dubstep, dnb, glitch hop, complextro and electro house, among other things
Actually makes: dnb/drumstep (just about).
Releases here are wip/not final.

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