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Can't believe i've somehow only discovered this in 2018. Welp. Anyway, this is now my current favourite song :)

I actually love the growls on this. That pluck in the background is also pretty niiice. I am no expert on mixing though, so sorry I can't really give feedback on that lol. Nice work! I'd love to see this in a song ;)

PS: no idea why this is rated so low o_o it deserves better than 2.84 stars.

Listened to a bit of the first bit and it didn't sound that similar to Hydra, so I skipped to around 0:40 and THAT GROWLER is INSANE. Seriously. The growls in this song are legendary. Gonna purchase the album asap!

A pretty freaking decent remix! No complaints except for the lead used at 0:39 - its a bit quiet and high pitched and slightly irritating, especially as there aren't many other sounds at that point. But that's just my opinion.

A solid remix all round, nice work!

Dayumm I like this a lot. Although, the mixing definitely needs improving (you can tell by the waveform.) and at 0:39 there is basically no bass, and that lead sounds a bit too detuned and squeaky on the ears. The kick impacts also seem to clip a bit.

Apart from that, and overall, the remix is great! Sonic blaster is a great song which I want to remix for myself. 4/5. It also sounds great in F Minor as well ;)

PS. If this is in F Minor, what key is Sonic Blaster originally in? :P

Xyhthisdi1987 responds:

The original key that Sonic Blaster was in was E minor. I only shifted this up a half step and thought it sounded cool.

As for the rest, at 0:39, I did actually have a bass, but even I noticed that it was a little bit quiet. I did also notice that the impact did clip a little. Maybe I'll do an updated version of this remix.

Anyway, thanks :)

I only have serum as well but I got no chance of making anything this freaking good!

This a pretty decent song you have here bro! Definitely not my style though. And I recognise than main sound, its a serum preset called booty am I right? ;)

Reminds me of your other song, Goodbye. And that is probably my favourite song of yours, sooo this isn't far behind. 3rd, in fact, behind Time Warp and Goodbye. Anyway, love the main drop, and the sort of blippy effects at the end of a few bars. Also love those drums later on. Robot voices go nicely with them. 5/5 Keep making amazing songs ;)

Not gonna lie, the mixing on this is REALLY poor. Those pulsing kicks literally cause distortion in the speakers. The melody is amazing, but you really can't tolerate it with mixing as bad as this - try to focus on the mixing.

This was an amazing surprise. I love the really twisted but cool intro, and those parts with that chippy blippy lead/pluck panned to left, followed by those powerful dubstep growlers. Seriously, a great revival of a classic track ;)

Rookie music producer who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.
Aspires to make: dubstep, dnb, glitch hop, complextro and electro house, among other things
Actually makes: dnb/drumstep (just about).
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