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I don't even need a girlfriend now.

Man I keep coming back to this. The variation in melody of the 3 drops keeps you interested. Might even try to remix this at some point or another, as it’s simple but beautiful. I can think of a ton of other lead sounds that would sound dope with it. But damn, this is truly flawless.

Sounds dope, and unique. Sort of atari 8 bit, love it. Shame it isn't longer :)

Sounds good together! I didn't even know that you were allowed to layer over an original and submit it.

Fendroca responds:

I actually don't know either so... Let's wait and see if I get some weird copyright issues with this xD

Woah. The percussion in the intro drew me in instantly, and damn those guitars and bass pair nicely. Reminds me of Dash and other songs of yours like that, but slower, and more chilled out. Nice way to kick of the year - I'm looking forward to more old-sounding stuff.

PS. If you're in the zone for making older-style stuff, I'd love to see a VIP or something of your song Below (I'm not really a fan of the major section it it, but damn, I loved that song)

Not bad. The first drop was better than the second drop though heh.

Woah, this was a nice surprise in my songs by favourites. The pad at the start really drew me in. The melodies are nice, and simple in a good way. I love the 808 arp or whatever it is in the background. And dayuuum that lead you add at the second drop is niiiiiiiice. The only improvements I would make, is to reduce the volume of the open hi-hats of the drums, and/or don't play them on the snare and/or increase the volume of the kick. But hey, it's minor. Nice one!

A really great tribute. It sounds similar to a Waterflame song but it also sounds much different and unique - I love the bass and the breakdown. It has nice aspects which repeat, but it still keeps you interested, which is gold, and hard to pull off imo.

I actually listened to this song a few years ago lol, never wrote a review.

MoonlitRaven responds:

Thanks a lot, I have yet to upload anything in a long, and it's nice to see that you came back write review ... I really appreciate it. ♡☆♡☆♡

Pretty nice, except it is actually PAINFUL to hear the stock FL Studio fx in here LOL. In all seriousness, this is good, I especially love the W U B S.

Stilactic responds:

Nothing in here is stock. I'm glad you enjoyed the song

I love everything in this, but DAMN those drums are insaneeeeeeeeeee

Rookie music producer who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.
Aspires to make: dubstep, dnb, glitch hop, complextro and electro house, among other things
Actually makes: dnb/drumstep (just about).
Releases here are wip/not final.

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